The Future of Electronics

Our company was established in 1992 as a manufacturer of electronic control unit (ECU) for trucks and buses. In June 2004, we became affiliated with KYB group which is hydraulic equipment manufacturer. Since then, we have provided electronic control devices to KYB and many other customers.

The word ‘TRON’ in our company name ‘TRONDULE’ is the acronym of ‘Technical Revolution On Needs’, and the word ‘Dule’ is a design concept in engineering that is composed of module that makes up a system. ‘TRONDULE’ is therefore a coined word that means an aggregation of basic independent components that make up a big structure or organization.

We believe that designing and producing new products utilizing electronic control technology is KYBTD’s first step. Our next role is to expand our business by developing our communication and server technology in a new field that is different from in-car area and increase our company value. In this way we open a bright future.