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Corporate Information

Corporate Name
KYB Trondule Co.,Ltd.
  • Headquarters & Factory No.1 : 3909 Ura, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata TEL:0258-92-6903  FAX:0258-92-6921
  • Factory No.2 : 3909-3 Ura, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata TEL:0258-86-8010  FAX:0258-86-8070
January 29, 1992
Wholly owned by KYB Co., Ltd. (June 2006-)
Paid-in Capital
100,000,000 YEN
Number of Employees
102 (as of June 2019)
ISO9001, ISO14001,IATF16949(Factory No.2)

Corporate History

January 1992
Established as a wholly owned company of BOSCH Braking Systems Co.,Ltd.
June 1992
Starts production of Vehicle ABS (Antilock Brake System) controller and HIC
March 1993
Starts production of Vehicle transmission controller
January 1996
Introduces PCB design CAD (CR5000)
March 1996
Starts developing customized power unit
April 1997
Starts developing our own in-car communication terminal
July 1998
Starts production ISDN router
December 2000
Wholly owned by Vertex Standard LMR, Inc.
May 2001
Starts production of GPS adapter and our own in-car communication terminal
Starts production of business radio device
February 2003
Starts production of Measurement counter device
June 2004
Wholly owned by Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.
April 2005
Starts production of Satellite communication terminal
September 2006
Starts production of Digital tachograph
November 2006
Starts production of GSM communication terminal and production control terminal
July 2007
Acquires ISO9001 certification
November 2008
Acquires ISO14001 certification
Starts production of high-speed mobile device position management system
November 2009
Starts production of Oil pressure test controller
June 2010
Starts production of General-purpose mobile communication terminal
July 2010
Consolidated with KYB Electronic Components Division
Starts production of Hydraulic servo controller and semi-active controller
October 2012
Opens our second factory
March 2013
Starts production of EPS-ECU controller
October 2014
Acquires ISO/TS16949 certification
October 2017
Acquires 2015 version ISO19001, 2016 version IATF16949 (Factory No.2) certification
April 2019
Integrate Tokyo seles office at Headquarters