Car devices

KYB Trondule produces in-car controller and control unit. In-car unit requires high reliability that enables it to endure severe conditions such as vibration and temperature changes. Our mass production system has the capability to manufacture highly accurate and durable products, and we have gained considerable credibility with leading automobile makers both domestically and abroad.


Antilock Brake System (Bus/Truck)

Semi-automatic transmission

Electric power steering

Semiactive suspension

Vehicle height adjustment device

We provide a system that lowers vehicle height to help lifting a wheelchair.

Electric power steering for racing car

KYB’s highly advanced electric power steering technology is used widely in the car racing world.

Drive recorder

Event data recorder streamlines your business by realizing reduction of fuel consumption through economical driving control. It also has the ability to create driver’s daily report and statistics of driving record. Trondule’s event data recorder is characterized by its functionalistic design that takes operability and functionality into consideration.


We provide the Electronic Control Unit for the next-generation steering technology that called "Direct Adaptive Steering" .